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Easter at Beach

Join us for two identical services @ 8:45 & 11 AM

Easter Sunday, April 20th

All In

Halfway, safe, and lukewarm are the no man’s land of faith.  Will you settle for “halfway” or will you go “all in” as a disciple of Christ?  Your answer to this question is the difference between...

I Quit

New Series Starting THIS Week... "I Quit"

That’s Impossible

December 29, Chris Peltz, Student Ministry Pastor

Who will YOU invite this week?

BEACH Traditions
Sunday 8:45 a.m.

BEACH Worship
Sunday, 10:45 a.m.

SIMPLE Christmas

Christmas gets complicated, but the story of Christmas -- God's most important message to humanity -- should not be complicated!  Come celebrate Christmas at Beach with special guest, recording...

The Gap

All of us know what it means to live life in the gap!  The gap is the place between what we believe and how we actually live.  Step out of the frustrations and disappointments as we learn through...