Whether you are brand new to BEACH, or you’ve been here for a long time, we always want BEACH to be a place where you can meet people, get connected, and build authentic relationships—with God and others.

Through life groups, core classes, and mission trips, people will be challenged to take their next step in growing to become more like Christ.  Mentoring relationships are part of the DNA of BEACH as we understand that maturity is not just sought or taught but also caught through relationships.  Get connected and learn that from the cradle to the day we take our last breath, growing to become more like Jesus will be seen as normal and expected in the life of every follower of Christ here at BEACH!

CONNECT through Life Groups

Feel like you’re missing out on real friendship?  By simply doing life together, friendships are formed which result in support, accountability and encouragement to live a more Godly life – like the one we were created to live.

We believe that real life change and connection happens best in the context of a small group. Here are ways to get connected and develop new friendships in a large church like BEACH:

CONNECT through a SERVE Opportunity.

Jesus served. So we do to. At Beach, we believe serving is a lifestyle. Whether you are serving in the church, community or world, serving is a great way to connect with others.

CONNECT through Short-term Classes.

Another great way to connect at BEACH is by signing up for Core Classes.  Want to find out what's at the heart of BEACH? These core classes explore our church, God, our purpose in life and spiritual growth for everyday living. Give one a try.

CONNECT by attending a special Event.

There's always something going on at Beach -- Special events, retreats, classes and more. Try one out.

CONNECT through a Mission Trip.

CONNECT through Student Ministry.

CONNECT through Beach Kids.

CONNECT through Worship.