Care Ministries

Stephen MinistryWinter 2014
Leaders: Pastor Carmen Johns and trained SM leaders

Stephen Ministry is a one-on-one, caring, confidential ministry offered to persons going through a difficult life challenge or crisis. Persons needing care are connected with a Stephen Minister who has been specially trained to be a good listener, to offer encouragement and support, to pray for and with the care receiver, and to help set goals that will move the care receiver through the challenge or crisis through the incredible and unconditional love of God.  Stephen Ministers can also help their care receivers connect with other church and community resources that would be helpful.  To be connected with a Stephen Minister, call Pastor Carmen Johns at 249-2343 ext 229.


Divorce CareFall 2013

This 12-week series of classes/support group is offered for persons who have experienced, or are contemplating, divorce.  Through the support of other persons in the group, caring leaders with mature faith, discussion, video presentations, and daily devotional material participants experience hope and healing through God’s love.  Discussions focus on both the emotional and practical issues of divorce so that participants can  move forward in their lives, trusting God through a deepened relationship with Jesus Christ.  The series is offered three times a year. Sign Up Here

Fall/Winter 2013
Leaders: Grant and Dolores Siegfried

This 10-week series is offered for persons who are experiencing grief due to the loss through death of a loved one.  Led by Rev. and Mrs. Grant Sigfried (a retired United Methodist pastor and his wife), class participants will experience the healing love of God.  The sessions include input from very caring leaders, video presentations by people specifically trained in grief recovery, support and encouragement from other participants walking a similar journey, and daily devotions.  Grief is a normal human emotion that should not be experienced alone.  Participants will find healing, comfort, encouragement, anda deepend trust in God through Jesus Christ. Sign up here.


FUNERALS & MEMORIAL SERVICES                                                                                                                                              

We offer loving care to families who are experiencing the death of a loved one through meaningful and hope-filled funeral and memorial services in our chapel, sanctuary, at the funeral home or graveside, or other appropriate venues.  These Celebrations of Life services bring comfort to family and friends.  Call Pastor Carmen Johns at 249-2343 ext. 229 to arrange services and other support for the family.

Stephen Minister Training

Do you want to help people who are going through a difficult life challenge or crisis?  If so, this training may be for you.  Training to become a Stephen Minister requires the commitment of completing 50 hours (6 months) training and then serving as a Stephen Minister with assigned care receivers.  It is a rewarding experience to be the channel through whom God works to bring hope and healing to struggling people.  Stephen Ministers also have opportunities to take communion to our homebound members and to visit in hospitals, if desired.
Next class: January 2014



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